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Choosing the right Soundproofing Systems

The Fundamentals

When you go out to the market to compare quotations all soundproofing companies will have a ‘go to’ system and we’ll all offer similar products but installed a different way. When we are specifying an installation, we stand by 4 fundamentals of acoustic design.

Soundproofing Systems


You do not want to have direct connection to your noise source. For example, if you want to stop the noise from a next-door neighbour your new system does not want to be directly fixed to the party wall.


Heavy products are good for acoustics and they stop different sound waves from travelling through them easily. Lightweight materials are cheap so if a quote you receive is lower than the rest, double check the materials being specified and their weights. For example, Sound Reduction Systems Maxiboard product is 24kg/m2, compare this with Gyproc SoundBloc 15mm at 12.6kg/m2 you can instantly see a massive difference. We’re not saying Maxiboard is the perfect product to use every time, but you have options to suit your budgets.


The deeper the soundproofing system the more chance you to massively reduce a range of frequencies. The deeper the system the more chance you have to reduce those low bass frequencies. For example, an acoustic MF ceiling will get a better performance than a Resilient Bar system due to the extra 120mm (approx.) needed for this type of system. When looking at your options, can you afford to lose 150mm depth from your existing ceiling? If yes then we would recommend an MF system, but if not, then a Resilient Bar system is still a good option.

Airtight & Sealed

This one may be self-explanatory, but this is very important when carrying out installations. Gaps or holes are not good and is an easy way for unwanted noise to travel through. We always have plenty of Acoustic Sealant at hand to make sure the holes in the wall, around joists and the perimeter of our sound proofing system is sealed and airtight.

Please contact us to talk through your noise issues, we will have the right solution for you.

Acoustic Foam

Our Acoustic Foam Absorption Panels are an instantly effective way to reduce reverberation within a large open plan space. As experienced installers for a range of absorption panel manufacturers we offer design, supply and install solutions for any room.

When we carry out a survey, we take all necessary information and produce a reverberation graph which will show the current reverberation in seconds, along with the performance you will receive with our absorption panels installed. The quotation and product colour chart will also be provided.

For School Absorption Projects the specification we come up with will meet current BB93 Regulations, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. We have a wide range of colours to suit branding or room décor. Our designer can produce room layouts, and concept designs if required.

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